Environment Monitoring

Alpha Horizons today are the leader in Tele-Management and Remote Site Monitoring solutions. Our solutions pioneered one of the first data collection devices for the telecommunications industry, and over the past 20+ years our products have evolved to support virtually all communications equipment. Today, we offer a vast array of options for monitoring, accessing, controlling and collecting equipment and data.

Why We Do It

In remote equipment sites, environmental extremes and equipment failures threaten communication networks. Some critical factors typically reside outside the scope of a network management system. Our solutions provides the “missing piece” in a single unified platform that enables network management to be simplified, consolidated, more reliable, and more cost-effective.

How We Do It

Alpha Horizons hardware devices are located in remote equipment rooms, cabinets, and BTS locations. We bring remote site equipment, power cycling, and environmental conditions within reach of the network operation center.

Enhance Operational Support Systems and maintenance operations

Alpha Horizons Tele-Management products enable companies to provide new services within customer’s networks to enable highly secure remote access, and control IT staff’s ability to affect equipment on a customer’s network. Alpha Horizons enables Telecom operators and PBX vendors to provide a single CPE device to address customer’s network security concerns, and to support remote maintenance services.

Making Your Remote Sites Reliable with Proactive Monitoring, Access and Control

Many companies may claim to improve remote site reliability, however, unless they integrate the three key areas of remote site monitoring (monitoring, access and control), it’s not a complete solution.

Alpha Horizons Remote Site Monitoring products enable proactive monitoring of equipment in remote and understaffed sites, enabling control over all aspects of the site. Monitoring and controlling SNMP and non-SNMP-compliant equipment allows administrators to receive alerts for those devices, along with environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, water, fire, doors, fans, etc., and notify personnel when conditions exceed user-defined limits.

Proactive Monitoring

Alpha Horizons products monitor, collect and concentrate alarm data from contact closures and serial interfaces, and mediate alarms into industry standard protocols such as SNMP, TL1, TABS, etc.

Power Monitoring and Cycling

Analog data such as voltage and current from battery units are also monitored and collected. The collected alarm data is automatically reported to the Network Operations Center (NOC) through third-party Network Management applications.

Remote Site Access (Control)

Administrators can receive alerts via an Ethernet connection, as well as out-of-band methods, such as a POTS line or wireless modem, on events that occur in remote equipment rooms, and execute actions such as turning on a fan, or remotely rebooting a locked computer.

Data Collection

Alpha Horizons remote site monitoring products collect device and alarm data from status logs generated by monitored equipment. Alpha Horizons products help to prevent loss of call data from legacy PBXs and IP telephony switches to call reporting applications. For PBX data collection we enable Data Filtering, IP Record Collection (IPRC), and SNMP Trap Capturing.

Alpha Horizons helps administrators cost-effectively manage their call reporting data and remote site infrastructure, while extending confidence and security to ensure availability, integrity and performance. By helping companies avoid failures from poorly performing equipment that threaten end-user service expectations, we enable administrators to better control and predict the performance of their remote infrastructure.

At Alpha Horizons, we believe an integrated, unified solution will best help our customers, rather than a patchwork of solutions, and we have dedicated years of research and development toward making that vision a reality.


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