Infrastructure Solutions

ALPHA HORIZONS Infrastructure Solutions provide data center, networking, predictive operations, end-user computing andsecurity solutions that create high performing businessescharacterized by sustainable shareholder value and anoptimized but less complex IT infrastructure.

ALPHA HORIZONS has the skills andexperience to help clients achieve unmatchedperformance through end-user computing solutions thatare more reliable, less expensive and more secure.

Our Services


ALPHA HORIZONS supplies networking equipment, designs LAN’s and WAN’s, installs cables and performs other services for its customers. A network consultant with a lot of experience in designing and implementing complex network scenarios heads our network division.

ALPHA HORIZONS consist of a number of network engineers who have undergone extensive network training conducted by our suppliers.

We enable you build cost-effective, integrated voice and data networks that are scalable to meet any and future requirements. We have a core team specialized in designing and implementation of IP telephone and Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for an enterprise network. Our strategic Alliances with some of the major technology leaders give us an edge in providing expert voice and data integration solutions. ALPHA HORIZONS has expert in a large portfolio of products from leading companies of the world like Nortel Networks, CISCO Systems, Juniper and 3Com among others to provide a complete network solutions.

ALPHA HORIZONS network services are:

Network Planning & Design

ALPHA HORIZONS provides consultancy for design and implementation of enterprise networks.

Network Deployment

ALPHA HORIZONS works with industry leaders in networking such CISCO, Juniper, and 3Com…etc. enables ALPHA HORIZONS to provide top-to-the-line networking solutions to its customers.

Network Operation & Maintenance

Organizations building mid-size network are faced with limited resources and struggle to keep up with changing business needs. Our skilled IT professional can lead you through the challenges of meeting today's and tomorrow network demands.

Network Documentation

create, maintain and archive your network diagrams in industry standard format. An annual audit creates the base diagrams with updates provided quarterly.

Multi and/or Single-site Planning/Configuration

• Onsite project management for integration of entire networks in one or more physical
office locations. (WAN, LAN)
• Develop a network solution focused on your business model requirement, with long term
• Integrated support options for your server environment. Minimize staff requirement
through remote system administration and Hardware support.


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    Infrastructure Solutions